Stock Screener Platform is comprised of certain options which are discussed in detail below


You can click on the refresh option from Stock Screener dashboard below to refresh either manually, or refresh every minute, every 5 minutes, or every 10 minutes.


if you click on Nasdaq from Stock Screener Platform Dashboard below, you can change the market place source information from NASDAQ to NYSE, AMEX, LSE, ASX, TORONTO, XETRA, FRANKFURT, AEX, OMX STOCKHOLM, OMX HELSINKI, OSLO, SIX, BOVESPA, SINGAPORE, HONG KONG,  or  MALASYA market place.


Provides Company information, such as Last Stock Price, Currency, Change, % Change, Volume, Market Cap, etc.  You could click on a Company name and a pop up window will appear with Company information including the Company’s website.  You can click on the table headers and will see that it will provide a filtering option (sliders are used for figures).


The Trading option will provide typical stock data such as Bid, Ask, Bid Size, Ask Size, Open, Day Low, Day High, and Prev Close.  Similarly to the Overview Option, you will have the ability to use the filtering options here as well.

Historical Performance

Provides information on 52 week low, 52 week high, change from 52 week low, change from 52 week high, average daily volume in the last three months, etc. Again, you can filter the information based on filtering options in Stock Screener Dashboard below.

Fundamental Data

Provides information on EPS, EBITDA, PE Ratio, PEG Ratio, Book Value, Price / Book, Cash, Short Ratio, Dividends per Share, Dividend Yield, and Ex-Dividend date.

Technical Analysis

Provides information on 50 day moving average, 200 day moving average, change from 50 day moving average, % change from 50 day moving average, change from 200 day moving average, and % change from 200 day moving average.


if you click on the “brush” icon from the dashboard below, you can change the layout from light to dark (background will change from white to black).