Revenue & Margin Trend Chart

The chart shows quarterly revenues for the past 6 quarters and associated margin %s.  Bubble size indicates if revenues have increased or decreased quarter over quarter while the Y Axis shows material margin %.

Free Cash Flow Chart

The chart shows a walk from EBITDA to Free Cash flow, by showing the various typical FCF elements, such as Capex, Working Capital, Non-recurring and Non-cash items, etc.

Competitor Analysis Chart

The chart shows revenue (bubble size), margin %s (X Axis), and PE ratio (Y Axis) for various selected competitors.  The Chart is highly useful in understanding incumbents in a selected industry and how they compare against each other.

Year over Year Sales Walk Chart

The charts shows a detailed sales walk, comprised of various elements, including but not limited to volume, product mix, etc. This is very useful in gaining an understanding of the Company’s top line performance and the visual representation makes it easy to apprehend the relative magnitude of drivers behind the year over year sales change.

Intrinsic Stock Value

The calculation depends on various factors and the calculation is not intended to provide you with an analysis of what the intrinsic stock value is, but instead is intended to provide you with the figures behind a typical intrinsic stock value calculation.  Excel charts will be provided upon demand, at which point you can see the calculations behind (i.e. Weighted Average Cost of Capital, etc.) and change it accordingly based on your understnading and beliefs.

Company Performance Chart

The chart shows the typical elements analyzed during a buy side or sell side transaction.  The major elements consist of EBITDA, Capital Expenditures, Working Capital and, Free Cash Flows.

Revenue and Margin Trend Chart Example

Free Cash Flow Chart Example

Kroger Competitor Analysis Chart Example

Year over Year Sales Walk Chart Example

Apple Intrinsic Share Price Example Calculation

Company Performance Chart Example